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After having worked for a decade with a car manufacturer in the United States, Francis De Jaeger started a forge in Knesselare (Belgium) under the name of “De Jaeger Francis & sons”.

In 1948 his sons, Albert and Pierre, continued the forge under the name of JAEGERSON. In subsequent years the forge began producing its own potato machines and grain blowers under the name of “JAEGERSON” for the Belgian market and this continued until 1972.

Freddy De Jaeger, son of Albert De Jaeger, took the business over in 1972 after the sudden death of both brothers.

Faced with increasing competition from the various established brands of agricultural machinery JAEGERSON began to specialise in the supply sector.

Today JAEGERSON has expanded into one of the most significant suppliers in the metals sector thanks to the experience gained by our competent staff and their passion.

We started with supplying plate work and nowadays we deliver individual items as well as complex welding constructions and even completely assembled and painted products.

The business experienced steady growth both in the number of staff and in sales records. Until 1994 JAEGERSON was located in Knesselare; then it moved to the industrial estate in Beernem.

JAEGERSON still remains an independent family business.