Sheet metal processing

From laser cutting to corrugating and punching
Based on your designs, we create sheet metal components for your products. Our sheet metal department is at your service for laser cutting steel, inox and aluminium sheets of various gauges, high-precision corrugation into the desired shape, punching simple, geometrical shapes in large batches and sawing pipes and profiles.

We follow your specifications precisely and the first piece from each batch is submitted to rigorous quality control. We work proactively with you to achieve a flawless result and develop the most efficient production process possible.
Our combination of raw materials primarily of European origin, processing with state-of-the-art, computer-controlled equipment and the specialised knowledge of our experienced team results in batch products that meet the toughest standards of quality and precisions.

Thanks to our vast machine pool, you can rely on us to produce a wide range of components in large or small quantities. We are also equipped to assemble semi-manufactured and fully-finished products for you, and we offer a wide range of surface treatments.
Laser cutting
Solid know-how
Solid know-how
Generations of experience with an eye on the future
Top-quality products
Top-quality products
High-quality raw materials and excellent craftsmanship
Versatile machine pool
Versatile machine pool
Wide-ranging processes, materials and batch products