Welding constructions: From robot welding to hand craftsmanship
Our welding department is your reliable partner for assembling semi-manufactured and fully-finished products. From simple joined parts to complex constructions, we will select the welding processes that are best suited to creating your product in the required volumes. Our highly-qualified team prides itself on delivering durable, high-precision work.

For high-precision welding of batch products in large volumes, our welding robots offer the speed and consistent quality you need.
You can also count on our experienced, highly trained welders for all your welding needs, whether it is spot welding, stud welding, semiautomatic or MIG/MAG welding in combination with a welding robot or fully manual TIG welding of large, complex constructions.

When the welding is finished, we can also apply a wide range of after-treatments to your products, as needed. We are also at your service for caliber construction and production of metal transport and assembly constructions that can serve you in processing the components you have ordered.
Robot welding
Spot welding
Semiautomatic welding
Stud welding
TIG welding
Caliber construction
Solid know-how
Solid know-how
Generations of experience with an eye on the future
Top-quality products
Top-quality products
High-quality raw materials and excellent craftsmanship
Versatile machine pool
Versatile machine pool
Wide-ranging processes, materials and batch products